Safety instructions

CandleSphere team pays particular attention to safety during the use of candles.
Each scented candle, regardless of its form or type, is provided with a short pictorial instruction, which tells how a given product should be used.



Be especially careful when children and pets are nearby. 


Do not extinguish the flame with water. 


Avoid breathing smoke. 


Use a candle holder. 


Cut the wick about 1 cm before igniting.


Do not leave the candle burning without control. 


Do not carry burning candle.


Keep the molten surface of paraffin or wax clean from matches and other contaminations to avoid inflammation. 


Do not place the candle near a source of heat. 


Do not place candles in an aeration.


Do not burn candles near flammable materials. 


Leave a space of at least 10 cm between the burning candles. 


Burn candles in an upright position.


Each candle has attached sticker with safety instruction

Cube 110 ml/ Lux/Aura/Space/Glamour/ Elipse  - 3 cm
Feeling/Dream / Space  - 4 cm
Cube 275 ml / Cube 600 ml /Astro - 5 cm